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This was literally the best massage of my life. I mean I have been to many spas all over the country and nothing compares to Tian Shao!!!!
It is worth every penny! If you are stressed, have back pain, chronic joint pain, migraine headaches, or just want to relax .....Tian Shao is for you! You will experience a very relaxing and professional atmosphere and you will leave pain free


This was a wonderful massage experience, probably the most professional massage I have gotten in Newark. Next time I will get more foot reflexology massage, that was the best part.
Tian is very knowledgable and caring. Her small studio is cozy and soothing. It really is relaxing just being there. I am already looking forward to it again... Thanks!



"Hello everyone. I went to Tian for approximately 10x30 minute sessions this fall for back and neck related trigger points and overall tightness. She was a conscientious and responsive masseuse. We would begin each session by reviewing the results of the previous session and by checking in on what needed work for the current session. It's nice to have this kind of attention and concen paid to reflection on the efficacy of therapy- this is not so common in the realm of the masseuse. She also was not afraid to give me a deeper, more vigorous massage, and preferred to get right to the point in her massages- exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an effective and responsible massage therapist."

- RG

"I have been seeing Tian for years and have been consistently pleased with the results. She is one of very few people who have ever been able to do deep tissue work which is effective and long lasting. I always feel relief from headaches and neck pain after seeing her. She is always prompt, available, professional and lovely to talk to. She always returns phone calls and is never pushy with sales or scheduling. Tian's massage work is so effective, hitting all the right trigger points and reflexology points as well as working out muscle spasms and "knots." Going to her regularly is one of the best things I can do for myself. I always feel good about taking this time out to care for my body in this way. She is just fabulous at what she does and a great person, too."


"Walking out of a session with Tian, is better then any psychologist could do or prescription that can be written. I feel 10 years younger and my body and mind are at peace when she is done. Very professional, clean, customer service oriented. I have been going here for almost 5 years now and would tell anyone to go see her. She is also down to earth and her hands are made of solid gold."


"Really happy I found this place. The deep tissue massages I've had here have been excellent and had a huge impact on eradicating some recurring sports-related muscle injuries.
Also very flexible and accommodating with appointments."


"I highly recommend Tian to anyone who has been searching for the ultimate massage therapist. As the owner of a very physical small business, I am always in need of massage therapy. I have been to more Massage Therapists than I can remember and have always been disappointed. Some were able to alleviate my soreness in one area but not another, and some have just been bad. Tian is the first I've ever experienced who has been able to make me feel better with just one visit! I have been using her service for the past few months and I have never felt better! Each time I leave, I feel completely rejuvenated and "fixed". She is the best! Thanks Tian!!!"


"Tian is a very talented and wonderful massage therapist. I ask for deep-tissue massage, and she delivers! I have suffered from tendonitis, occassional migraines and a delicate lower back, and Tian works wonders with me and has helped me to improve in all areas.
She is helpful, courteous, polite, and very accommodating. Her massages always last at least the amount of time you request, and she responds great to feedback. Her prices are extremely reasonable.
I highly reccommend her services! I use them personally, and she also has visited our corporate office for chair massages, which is a wonderful break in the day."


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